The Association of Land Development Engineers, ALDE, was formed in 1994 to represent the interests of those Professional Consulting Engineers involved principally in the Land Development Industry. 

It provides a focus for the industry to address the many and varied issues which arise in this complex and very important sector of the economy.

The members of the Association represent the majority of Consulting Engineers involved in the full spectrum of Land Development and have close ties with senior executives of Local, State, and Federal Government agencies, and the Construction Industry.

The land development industry in Melbourne is currently producing approximately 30,000 lots per annum, which represents a $1.5 billion dollar investment.  The members of ALDE effectively manage the vast majority of this investment.

The Association takes a pro-active role promoting and enhancing the standing of the Professional Consulting Engineers within the community and with Government, Statutory Authorities, Councils and Industry Associations, and it negotiates with those and other bodies for the improvement of procedures and professional service within the Land Development Industry.

Mission Statement
The objectives of the Association are:

To provide a forum for professional engineering consultancies engaged in the land development industry ("the Consultancies") and to represent the interests of the Consultancies in negotiations with all forms of Government and semi Government authorities and any other bodies, organisations or entities involved in the development and implementation of systems, methods and controls for the improvement of procedures and professional services within the land development industry;

To foster, promote and enhance the standing of Consultancies within the community generally and with all forms of government, semi government authorities, bodies, organisations and entities with whom Consultancies deal;

To develop and encourage educational and technical standards, skills and professional standards generally within the land development industry;

To raise funds by lawful means for the implementation of these objectives. In the event of the winding up or the cancellation of the incorporation of the Association, the surplus assets of the Association will be given to a body that has similar purposes to the Association and which is not carried on for the profit or gain of its individual members.

An excerpt from the Statement of Purposes pertaining to the Association of Land Development Engineers.



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