Young Engineers in Land Development

A number of years ago, some of the ALDE Executive held a couple of informal workshops over lunch(s) with a
few key sustaining members who had shown an interest in having greater involvement in ALDE.  

One of the key discoveries was that there are civil engineers working for our sustaining members, alot of these individuals are young, and they often don’t have any peer or technical support.

This was the birth of YEiLD; it's purpose is to provide a form of peer and technical support to the younger engineers in our field.

The first event, which was a panel session with 4 senior experienced land development industry people, an engineer, a planner, a contactor and a geotech consultant addressed  approximately 50 under 30 year old land development professionals. 

Since that time, a number of other networking and educational events have been held to support the education and development of Young Engineers in Land Development, and also Women in Land Development (WiLD).

The YEiLD charter;
  • Plan for and prepare Young Engineers (and other professionals) in Land Development
  • To support and mentor Young Engineers (and para professionals) in the Land Development industry
  • The above broad ranging charter is based on ALDE’s Rules of  Association objectives;

The objectives of the Association are:
  • 2.1.1   To provide a forum for professional engineering consultancies engaged in the land development industry (“the consultancies”) and to represent the interests of the Consultancies in negotiations with all forms of Government and Semi Government authorities and any other bodies organisations or entities involved in the development and implementation of systems, methods and controls for the improvement of procedures and professional services within the land development industry;
  • 2.1.2   To foster, promote and enhance the standing of Consultancies within the community generally and with all forms of Government, Semi Government authorities, bodies, organisations and entities with whom Consultancies deal;
  • 2.1.3 To develop and encourage educational and technical standards, skills and professional standards generally within the land development industry



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