Accreditation and Revised Consultant Accreditation Deed 

South East Water (SEW) reminds consultants in the land development industry to ensure their Accreditation is up to date and has clarified the requirements for the role of key personell (construction auditor, design checker & pipelaying accreditation. . 

Revised Accreditation Due by 26 June 2023

Companies that are currently accredited under an Accreditation Deed with South East Water to undertake engineering and audit services for the land development industry have now been issued the revised Consultant Accreditation Deeds. 

 The revised Consultant Accreditation Deed needs to be executed by 26 June 2023, otherwise SEW will remove your company from South East Water’s Accredited Consultant List and ARCUS. The final version of the Consultant Accreditation Deed is now available on SEW’s website and has been uploaded to ARCUS. 

South East Water Definitions of Key Personnel (Construction Auditor, Design Checker, Pipelaying Accreditation.) 

South East Water has provided clarification on the role of key personnel involved in the checking process.

Design Checker – Key Personnel  

  • SEW maintains 5 years is appropriate level of experience which is also consistent with the Registered Engineers requirement of 5 years.  
  • SEW will consider mentoring by an appropriate Key Personnel on a case by case basis. This is a current SEW practice for intended Key Personnel’s who currently do not the required minimum 5 years experience.  

 Construction Auditor – Key Personnel  

  • SEW maintains 5 years is appropriate for experience for a Construction Auditor Key Personnel.  
  • SEW acknowledges this matter has also been discussed by ALDE at the recent Water Industry Liaison Committee (WILC). As agreed at WILC, the Metropolitan Retail Water Companies (MRWA) will review ALDE’s proposal and the introduction of a ‘mentor’ program. 

Requirement for pipelaying accreditation – RIICRC208A for a Construction Auditor Key Personnel