Applications for the ALDE Mentoring Program for 2023 are now open and will close on 20 December.

ALDE Mentoring Program Overview 

A selection of the ALDE Executive Board’s senior professionals will act as mentors for early career professionals seeking to get exposure to liaising with authorities in framing and reviewing policy. Participants will have the opportunity to broaden industry networks, attend selected board meetings, participate/ coordinate industry events as well as learn new skills and gain the knowledge required to progress as tomorrow’s leaders. 

The purpose of this is to cultivate the board members of tomorrow and provide the board with a fresh perspective and actively mentor the next generation of leaders.  

 Watch a video explaining the program here

Mentoring Program Objectives 

Providing early career professionals opportunities to engage with experienced/ senior industry professionals, empowerment and building of confidence, through exposure to the wider land development industry. More specifically, the objectives are: 

  • Experience the benefits of getting involved with your Industry, 
  • Create connections in the industry, build relationships and networks, 
  • Develop leadership skills, and build confidence in your capabilities, skills and knowledge, 
  • Identify and plan to achieve your career goals, 
  • Promote connections between senior leaders in the industry and early career professionals, and 
  • Engage early professionals in peer-oriented development environments. 

Comments from previous participants in the Mentor Program:

“The program was quite open and most importantly challenged you (as a mentee) to explore your options and think outside the box, it encouraged me to sit down and contemplate on what I was interested to learn about.

You are mentored by a senior engineer who has extensive experience within the land development industry, and I would strongly encourage anyone who has a passion for land development to consider this program; it is both beneficial and informative! “ Kerrolos Rofael 

“I gained a greater insight into other areas on the land development industry as well as advice and suggestions on how I should go about making decisions, setting goals, and progressing in my own career and life in general.

I found the program extremely rewarding and would highly recommend.” Rebecca Saber

NB: 2023 applications for the Mentorship Program are now open. 

For further information or to apply for the ALDE Mentor Program view the enrolment flyer

Applications close December 2022.

More Testimonials: 

“There is a lot to consider whilst being in the land development industry and that there is no one right answer. The field is vast and there are a lot of moving parts that work hand in hand to complete a project.

The program is a great way to gain insight into the land development industry and what to expect from yourself and from others whilst working in the field. It is an open conversation where I felt comfortable talking about all things related to career progression/decisions.” Kent Diep 

“I appreciated most the opportunity to connect with recognised industry professionals on a deeper level outside of the standard office setting, to discuss things pertaining to career and skills development. The program also facilitated connection between other like-minded young professionals. Highly recommend. ” Dennis Graf



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