ALDE has been consulting with the Melbourne Retail Water Agencies (MRWA) on a practical way to adopt the requirements of the Victorian Professional Engineers Registration Act 2019 (PER Act) into their submissions.

The MRWA made changes to the design drawing templates in response to the new legislation.

The Professional Engineers Registration Act 2019 & Land Development Engineers

The requirement for a civil and structural engineer to be registered in Victoria came into effect on October 2022.

Engineering Professionals must register with the Business Licencing Authority if they wish to continue legally providing Professional Engineering Services unless they are working under the guidance of a registered engineer or working only within a prescriptive standard.

MRWA supports the Victorian Government’s initiative to recognise the importance of engineers through a statewide registration process and considers the preparation of sewer and drainage documents as Professional Engineering Services.

Read the complete MRWA position here

Changes to MRWA designs due to the Professional Engineers Registration Act

MRWA proposes changes to the ‘Title Blocks’  MRWA design drawing templates to clearly identify the Registered Engineer involved in the process and abide by the PER legislation.

The MRWA design drawing template now includes: 
1. Registered Professional Engineer’s name and registration number
2. Sign-off on each design revision by the Registered Professional Engineer (instead of the authoriser).

MRWA Title Block Template Change Professional Registered Engineers April 2023
MRWA Title Block Template Change Example Professional Registered Engineers April 2023

The 100 Series water and sewer design standards drawing examples (PDF and AutoCAD files) have been amended on the MRWA portal website and are ready for use on projects.

All designs submitted from 1 July 2023 will be expected to adopt the new template and show the Professional Registered Engineer on the drawings.
The MRWA will be checking this requirement is being met on design submissions and after 1 July 2023 will not accept designs that do not include these changes.

Notification of changes to the ARCUS accreditation system will be advised in the near future.

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Should you have any questions or wish to discuss these requirements further please contact
the relevant water retailer representatives:
 Ryan Leon ( ) – Yarra Valley Water
 Bruce Johnson ( ) – South East Water
 Nick Rhoden ( ) – Greater Western Water