Last month ALDE participated in a Melbourne Water hosted industry forum; the Urban Planning and Development Strategic Collaboration Group.

The purpose of this new group is to identify and overcome challenges to the urban planning and development sector.
The group brings together many of the key players in this space; from industry bodies such as the Property Council of Australia (PCA) and the Urban Development Industry of Australia (UDIA), to government organisations including the Department of Transport & Planning (DTP) and Victorian Planning Authority (VPA).

The purpose of the Group is to deliver the objectives below, within a water context:

  • Improve communication between member organisations, enabling improved working processes, collaboration and integrated outcomes.
  • Facilitate closer collaboration among key stakeholders, to better respond to Plan Melbourne’s integrated objectives, and better anticipate and shape the future.
  • Identify significant policy, strategy and implementation challenges and opportunities within the urban planning and development sector.
  • Respond to priority issues, including opportunities to work together to advocate and influence decision-making regarding key policies.

Discussion themes centred around;

  • Better strategic framework alignment and climate change readiness through new frameworks and reform
  • Better planning & building approvals across Melbourne’s existing development system
  • Delivering Plan Melbourne
  • Turning strategy and innovation into delivery and execution (including integrated water management)
  • Communication on existing policy and strategy impacting delivery and community
  • Liveability, access, and design conflicting with flood protection decision guidance
  • Using land acquisition and legal tools to deliver flood and drainage infrastructure
  • Climate change policy and delivery implications
  • Solving joint challenges through collaboration and partnerships.