ALDE has put forward a proposal in relation to the revision of the minimum experience levels for sewer and water  construction auditing with the goal being to provide individuals with an opportunity to progressively gain competencies while learning on the job.

  • Many auditing tasks do not require the same level of expertise currently mandated, therefore by adjusting the minimum experience levels, resources can be better allocated, focusing on the areas that genuinely demand higher expertise.
  • Easing the minimum experience requirements enables individuals to gain hands-on experience more readily, fostering a continuous learning curve, which will produce auditors who are more adept and knowledgeable over time, positively impacting the overall quality of auditing services.
  • Maintaining an adequate number of accredited auditors in the industry. Many individuals aspire to advance from construction roles to project management positions, leading to a scarcity of experienced auditors. Allowing for a more accessible path to auditing will attract new talent and mitigate the shortage of skilled professionals.